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Two Coats of Paint

Sharon Butler visited the Washington Art Association a few weeks ago and today there's a post on her blog Two Coats of Paint. Read more here

State of Abstraction will close next Saturday, June 16. 

Artists include Cat Balco, Melanie Carr, Julia Coash, Kevin Daly, Deborah Dancy, Howard El-Yasin, Roxanne Faber Savage, Joseph Fucigna, Elizabeth Gourlay, Hong Hong, Blinn Jacobs, Zachary Keeting, Bob Knox, Connie Pfeiffer, Janet Lage, David Livingston, Ken Lovell, Olu Oguibe, Ryan Paxton, Tim Prentice, Suzan Shutan, Matthew Weber, and John Willis.

The Washington Art Association & Gallery

The Judy Black Memorial Park and Gardens

Washington Depot, CT

Cat Balco,  School Sun , 2018

Cat Balco, School Sun, 2018