"This Week in Art" on Art21

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The structure of the Art21 Magazine is changing in 2018 and will be unveiled in the coming weeks. While I will no longer be writing content for the online magazine's themed issues, I will be contributing to the "This Week in Art" column for the next few months. 

You can read the first weekly roundup here.

Abigail DeVille,  MidSummer Event Horizon , 2014. Credit: United States Artists.

Abigail DeVille, MidSummer Event Horizon, 2014. Credit: United States Artists.

The feature story this week is the announcement of the 2018 United States Artists Fellows. The United States Artists, a Chicago-based foundation devoted to supporting the arts across nine disciplines, has named Dread Scott, Abigail DeVille and Pepón Osorio among the 45 artists and collectives comprising the 2018 fellows. A $50,000 grant accompanies the fellowship, which recognizes contributions to fields such as craft, dance, writing, and the visual arts, among others.