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The Folds of the Cloak

The Folds of the Cloak, the title of my current installation at the Sharon Arts Center, references the last line of the poem “Of the Surface of Things” by Wallace Stevens. I read this poem aloud to my students on the first day of classes last fall, and throughout the year I collected their discarded drawings and paintings to re-use. Viewers can see glimpses of color wheels and other exercises repurposed into pyramid forms.

The title also alludes to paper and textiles, two important materials for my practice as an artist. Paper, an ecological and malleable form, represents flexibility and durability. Textiles are another important source for me, and I regularly reference patterns as well as the cultural importance of fabric, embroidery, and other handicrafts. All the paper and cardboard used in this installation are found or recycled from my previous works or former students, creating a textural map of color, patterns, and time.

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