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This Week in Art | Rob Pruitt’s “The Church” and more!

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The Church is not only Rob Pruitt’s current solo exhibition but also an interactive community space—Kunsthalle Zürich has morphed from a gallery to an educational and spiritual venue. The show combines Pruitt’s work from 1999 to 2017 with educational resources and community events, such as Sunday services organized by the Theological Seminary of University Zürich and theoretical discussions on Theory Tuesdays led by Zurich-based artist Philip Matesic. Yesterday, the museum hosted an Easter egg event, in which the artist dyed and designed Easter eggs alongside local families and community members. “People painted eggs inspired by previous painting projects of mine, but the results were so vast and surprising that I, in turn, was inspired by their creations,” Pruitt told Art21 Magazine. “I’m down for any celebration of the coming of spring, and I think Easter is all about that.”

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Rob Pruitt,  The Church , Kunsthalle Zürich. Photo credit: Annik Wetter /  Kunsthalle Zürich

Rob Pruitt, The Church, Kunsthalle Zürich. Photo credit: Annik Wetter / Kunsthalle Zürich