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New Podcast — The First Stop!

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The First Stop 

My colleague and friend, David Livingston, is the host of a brand new podcast featuring artists from around New Haven. The podcast is called The First Stop and I stopped by the recording studio at the University of New Haven to record an interview with David this morning. 

Previous interviews with Jeff Ostergren and Polly Shindler can be found on the site for the podcast via Soundcloud

Coming Soon... 

Stay tuned for my interview and the official launch of the podcast on iTunes! Find The First Stop on Instagram here.


At Work // New Faculty Show at Seton Gallery

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I'm delighted to be included in the New Faculty show "At Work" at the University of New Haven's Seton Gallery. Join me for the opening Reception next Wednesday, October 4th from 4 - 7 p.m. 

Through October 12th

Featuring works by David Livingston, Jacquelyn Gleisner, Caroline Valites, Serdar Arat, and Luis Victori


Seton Gallery, University of New Haven, Dodds Hall, 300 Boston Post Road, New Haven, CT