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'Folded' Opens this Friday

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This Friday I have several works on paper included in Folded: New Acquisitions to the Artspace Flatfile. More information is below and here

Folded: New Acquisitions to the Artspace Flatfile

June 8-29, 2018

Opening Reception: Folded

Friday, Jun 8 from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Second Story Gallery and Workshop on 1144 Chapel St, New Haven, CT
Opening reception: Friday, June 8th from 5-7pm
Open gallery hours: Wednesday-Friday, 2-6pm

Artspace invites the viewer to consider the implications of the folded/unfolded as a way of making, a state of being, and a conceptual structure in this survey of works from new acquisitions to our flatfile collection.

Several of these artists embrace unfolding in their creative process, allowing outside forces of materiality and instinct to reveal next steps in their work.  Reading “unfolding” in this sense, “folding” does not serve as its opposite. Instead, it sits parallel to it: the difference between giving up and giving in. Some of the subjects celebrated here reject this sense of folding by asserting their own agency—instead of letting their stories unfold they are actively writing their own.

How the human form folds physically is an essential component of our body language and is intertwined with our relationship to space.  A power stance reads as such because it spreads the body wide; the protruding elbow-fold of a hand on a hip stakes a claim over the space being occupied.  This ability of folding to materially alter a subject can also apply more abstractly to an artwork. Bending a form allows for simultaneous existence in multiple spaces, even blurring the line between the 2-D and 3-D.  It can embed or enmesh once disparate forms, removing the space between them and rendering them inseparable.

Compositionally, folds in an artwork open up opportunities that aid the artist in conveying their message.  Halving the visual field encourages direct comparisons and highlights juxtapositions. Contortions create compositions that have no beginning or end, inviting contemplation of the infinite.  Layering builds complexity, emphasizing the multidimensionality of a subject or obfuscating it to slow down the viewer’s perception.

The principles of what can be achieved through folding structurally also apply to modes of thought: expectations and ideas can fold in on themselves, questioning and subverting what were once oversimplified notions.


City-Wide Open Studios this Weekends

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Join me this weekend at Erector Square for City-Wide Open Studios! 

Saturday and Sunday, 10/28 - 29, 12 - 6:00 p.m. 

Erector Square, 315 Peck Street, Building 1, 2nd floor, Studio G, New Haven, CT


Also catch me live on the radio on Saturday morning around 11!

WPKN Live Broadcast

October 28, 11:00am - 4pm

WPKN Independent Community Radio will broadcast live from CWOS in the historic offices of A.C. Gilbert, Building 3, 3rd Floor. 

Listen in on the radio at WPKN 89.5FM or online

Monster Drawing Rally | Artspace 30th Reunion

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Join me this Friday for the Monster Drawing Rally!

Over the course of the night, artists at all stages of their careers take shifts to draw for an hour in front a live audience, bringing their private studio practices to the public. As spectators spy on the creative process, sketches morph into full-fledged artworks. Artists will then donate works to be bought the night of the event for $50 each, all proceeds will go to support programming at the Ely Center of Contemporary Art and Artspace New Haven. We will also be having a bourbon tasting from Litchfield Distillery with Connecticut-made varieties including: Straight Bourbon, Double Barrel Bourbon, Vanilla Bourbon and Coffee Bourbon (donation $6 for a half flight or $12 for a full flight suggested). Food will be available for purchase by Farm Belly. Throughout the night Dave Coon will DJ tunes to set the mood. All art lovers, supporters, and enthusiast are welcomed to this free event.

Participating Artists:
Sarah Afrogola, Michael Angelis, Caryn Azoff, Cat Balco, Binwanka, Alexis Brown, Anna Tu Bu Lei, Leslie Carmin, Jessica Cuni, Johannes DeYoung, Dionamic, Mary Dwyer, Michael Edmundson, Danielle Eugene, Roxanne Faber Savage, Zeph Farmby, Joan Fitzsimmons, Julie Frankel, Laura Gardner, Jacquelyn Gleisner, Stephen Grossman, Larissa Hall, Clymenza Hawkins, Lisa Hesselgrave, Iyaba Ibo Mandingo, Peter Konsterlie, David Livingston, Cayla Lockwood, Eric March, Marry Ann McCarthy, Alexis Musinski, Jason Noushin, John O’Donnell, Leila Orienter, Joesph Padilla, Rashmi, Chen Reichert, Samuel Rowlett, Jaime Ursic, Michael Van Winkle, Amanda Walker, Christa Whitten, Jemma Williams Nussbaum, Amie Ziner

Friday, Jun 23, 2017 from 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM

Location: Ely House Center for Contemporary Art, 51 Trumbull Street, New Haven, CT

Crown Street Window Installation at Artspace

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I have an installation at the Crown Street windows at Artspace this month. Check out the windows from now until April 30, 2017. The reception for these windows, as well as the current exhibition, Laughing Skulls, will take place this Friday. The installation will also be up during the Annual Gala and Silent Auction on April 29.

Paris, Texas

Crown Street Window Installation

Work in progress shot 

Work in progress shot 

A view of the installation from outside with the reflections of the city

A view of the installation from outside with the reflections of the city